The Re-Engagement Hub at the Martha O'Bryan Center

Are looking to launch your career? Are you wanting to strengthen your skills in the workplace? Are you transitioning out of school and not sure about your next steps?

The Opportunity Now Re-Engagement Hub at the Martha O’Bryan Center is one of two Opportunity Now Re-Engagement Centers in Nashville. Our mission is to re-engage young adults ages 17-24 who are disconnected from education or employment. We are a one-stop shop for career coaching, soft skills development, peer support, and career pathways. Start your path today! Want more info? Email us at or call 615-669-8619


Career Coaching

Our coaches work one on one with 17-24-year-olds to set goals, make plans for success, and take the first steps on their career pathway. Click here to get connected with a coach or to make a referral.

Peer Supports

Our participants are supported by a network of peers that help them navigate the challenges they face and build a support system as they start on their pathway to success. Click here to learn more about peer supports.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer a variety of career and social programs designed to help youth strengthen their skills and build the social capital that will help them thrive in the workplace. Click to see our monthly calendar and get connected!

This program is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee.